Jungle safari in Jim Corbett

Safari in Jim Corbett national park

Planning for a wildlife jungle safari in Jim Corbett national park, here you are at the right page. Safari adventure in Corbett Tiger reserve is one of the best wildlife experience when it comes to Tiger spotting. The Corbett Tiger reserve has highest population of Tigers in India and as per the 2020 government reports, there are more than 250 + big cats in the jungle which makes increases your chance of spotting the Tiger during safari. 

Types of Safari in Corbett Tiger reserve

There are 2 types of safaris available for visitors in Corbett national park. 

First one is Jeep safari (Also known as gypsy safari) Capacity for 6 adults and 2 children (below 12 years) at once along with guide and driver.

Second one is canter safari (a 16 seater mini bus) Capacity 16 tourists along with guide and driver.
(In case you still have doubt between canter and jeep, here you can read this nice article which explains the difference between a canter and a jeep).

Jeep safaris are available for all 8 zones of the reserve. Whereas, canter safari is only available in Dhikala zone. There are 2 shifts in a day for safari. Morning shift (between 6 to 7:00 AM) depending upon the month you are travelling in and evening shift between 1:30 to 2:45 PM.

Jeep safari duration is around 3 hours and canter safari duration is around 4 hours approximately. Since, Canter safari is allowed in Dhikala zone (which is the largest safari area for tourists) duration of canter is more than jeep.

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In simple words, Safari in Jim Corbett makes you a part of the jungle amidst the wilderness.